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Dogs will be allowed on the patio walkway running along courts 1,4 and 7, and on the grass area adjoining that walkway.  

This will enable Timeshare Owner Members who are boarding dogs locally during their Use Period to spend time with their dogs in the above areas.

All dogs must be leashed.

The behavioral code for dogs is the same as for members. Their conduct cannot unreasonably interfere with the enjoyment of the Club by any Member.  Termination or suspension for excessive barking or unruly behavior of any type will be immediate.

Dogs are restricted from the pool, spa, and fitness facilities. No pets or animals of any kind will be allowed on the tennis courts at any time.


Remember, in Palm Springs it is unlawful to leave a pet in a car:
Palm Springs Municipal Code, Title 10 ANIMALS, Chapter 10.22 UNATTENDED ANIMALS IN ENCLOSED VEHICLES*
10.22.020 Violation
 " It is unlawful for any person to leave, unattended, any animal within an enclosed vehicle. (Ord. 1308 § 3, 1988)"

* “Enclosed vehicle” means a vehicle with structure on top and all sides. An enclosed vehicle with open windows or doors shall be deemed enclosed for purposes of this chapter.