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Court Reservations

All play must be scheduled.  

Reservations for the use of the tennis courts are made through the Tennis Desk (760-318-1716), up to seven days in advance.

Tennis reservations may be booked for one and one-half (1-1/2) hours.

Doubles play shall have priority over singles play when court availability is limited.  

Individual reservations may be made or courts may be booked up to seven days in advance by telephone (760-318-1716), or in person beginning at 7:00am. You must have at least two players to reserve a court. Individual players are put on the side to be put into matches. Reservations for the use of the tennis courts on any given day will be allocated on a first-come/first-served basis, without distinction between Full-Season Members and PSTC Resort Guests, or telephone callers or walk-ins.

Associate Historic District Member Hotel guests are visitors staying locally ("Local Guests"), but not at the PSTC Resort, and  can use the courts only if the courts have not been booked by Full-Season Members or PSTC Resort Guests.

The Tennis Desk has the prerogative to arrange and rearrange the court assignments continuously in order to optimize court usage and traffic; therefore, special court assignments will NOT be guaranteed.

TheTennis Desk is managed by the Head Tennis Coordinator.